OKC done with the CHL, working on AHL

Oklahoma City is done with the CHL.

OKC Blazers cease operations; city to talk with AHL team

Two CHL teams have bitten the dust in the last two months.

Now, they are going to try to get an AHL team in OKC. And, I bet they get one.

Oklahoma City is set to begin negotiations to bring an American Hockey League franchise to town for the 2010-2011 season.

The Edmonton Oilers of the NHL own a dormant AHL franchise and there have been discussions in recent month about relocating that team to Oklahoma City.

Why will they get a team? Because if a market really wants an AHL team, I MEAN REALLY WANTS ONE, and the market is viable, an AHL team can be had. Look at what happened in Austin.

Which basically means, AEG really DOESN’T want an AHL team in KC.

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