KC still in mix for Islanders? Doubtful.

Despite a dismal turnout for the NY Islanders – LA Kings preseason game last season and potential offers from Queens and Brooklyn, it seems Charles Wang is still considering KC as the future home of his NHL franchise.

It seems the plan for The Lighthouse project on Long Island is dying. Therefore, speculation about KC as a possible home will increase.

Before you start believing spin or unsubstantiated comments from NHL21, please click the link to KCTV5′s story and the related interview.
Report: NY Islanders Keeping KC As Backup Plan

If anyone has contacts for this story, KCTV5′s Michael Coleman does. He used to be a sports anchor for News12.

Coleman interviewed AOL Fanhouse’s Chris Botta, who used to work for the Islanders.

Basically, Botta said the Islanders will not be the NHL franchise that plays in the Sprint Center.

The Islanders will probably play in Queens or the new building for the New Jersey Nyets (though I heard it’s not built for hockey) rather than in Nassau County, but KC talk will start again.

Moving an NHL franchise to a different market without the sale of the franchise is virtually unprecedented in the NHL. Only once in the last nearly 30 years has that happened. Norm Green moved the North Stars to Dallas. All other NHL franchise relocations were within two years of the sale of the franchise.

Personally, I’m extremely skeptical an NHL owner would move a franchise from the largest market in North America to a medium-sized market. The peripheral revenue (TV/radio rights, merchandise sales, etc) would be lower and travel expenses would increase a great deal. It just doesn’t make sense.

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2 Responses to KC still in mix for Islanders? Doubtful.

  1. JK says:

    I wouldn’t put too much stock the Chris Botta interview. He neither mentioned any sources nor did he even state that he had a source for his comments — no “according to my sources.”
    Considering that he is from Long Island (see link), his adamant comments seem to be “as a fan” than “as a reporter” and by “fan”, he could be a fan of the Islanders or in the general sense of being a fan of NY sports teams.


    And BTW, Botta seemed to imply that he was talking about where Wang would move the team; but not where the team would be moved to if it changed ownership.

    That is not to say that I think that it is likely since there no potential owner wanting to move an NHL team to KC — unless there is one who is keeping his intentions of doing so private.

  2. scott says:

    Yet, the KC media puts stock in NHL21′s comments, which also come without sources.

    I’m going to go with the guy who once worked for the Islanders. My guess is he has pretty decent sources.

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