Kansas City TV reporting of Sprint Center NBA presason game

OK, so I picked on Matt Stewart (probably a bad idea since he was a Division 1 football player), it’s only fair that I pick on the other TV reporters, too.

KMBC’s Marcus Moore also did a story on the preseason game and whether Sprint Center would have an anchor tenant. First, Moore’s walking live intro was vastly better than standing still in a live shot. Nice work. Hard to pick on him from there. It’s a very good story from there.

Throngs Flock To Sprint Center For NBA Game

Moore reports, an NBA or NHL team “could actually happen.” Is there an owner for this team?

Brenda Tinnen says, “The NBA and NHL don’t like teams to move because then it says the teams aren’t doing well.” WHAT!?!? She really said that? Wow, that wasn’t part of AEG’s campaign to get the hotel/rental car tax passed.

I love the quote from the guy that says he’d probably never go to a game, but he would watch the hell out of them on TV.

Of course, Moore also says the Sprint Center is very successful without an anchor tenant, so I ask again, “What is AEG’s motivation?”

KSHB’s Beth Vaughn also did a story on the game, but it was on the morning news.
Heat and Thunder roll into Kansas City
Channel 41 didn’t even address the issue of whether an NBA or NHL team will come to KC. All they focused on was the fact that LeBron James was in town.
You know, that may be the best angle to this story because without an owner for an NBA or NHL team, the way to approach this story is to, well, just say the game is in town…that’s it.
In the afternoon, they did the same and just focused on the activity around the game.
Kudos to 41 for not even going there…

I think Channel 4 still shoots on film, so their stories aren’t up on that Internet thing, yet.

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