Missouri Mavs — I’m sorry. Now go to one of their games!!

You know. I feel like I kind of owe the Missouri Mavericks an apology. In the past, I’ve made some rather snippy comments about the lack of talent in the CHL. (I’m 100% certain they don’t care).

I once wrote, “American Hockey League players are future NHL players. Central Hockey League players are future Canadian gym teachers.” Look, I still really like that line.

However, I’m a bit sorry for being so negative about the CHL product. I went to a few Mavericks games last year and really enjoyed myself. The IEC is great. Getting in and out of the arena is fast and easy and, you know, the hockey wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I think the big difference between the Mavericks and an AHL game is the depth of talent. When the top line is on the ice in a CHL game, it’s good hockey. Not so much as you go down the bench. In an AHL game, every single shift is top quality.

Now, I say, “So what?”

I’m still going to stand by my guns that the right product for this market, putting KC in a league with Milwaukee, OKC, Austin, San Antonio, Cleveland, Hartford, is the AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE. But, I’m going to completely back off bagging on the Mavericks, go to the games and enjoy hockey.

Go see the Mavericks.

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