Ice Midwest will not return as an ice facility.

The Overland Park facility will become Midwest Sports & Performance — a performance training facility and events center.

Midwest Sports & Performance will feature two indoor arenas with indoor turf and another smaller arena for batting cages and parties (this is the current figure skating rink where many of our sons and daughters first donned skates). It will be billed as a 100,000 square foot facility though it’s currently a 67,000 square foot building on 3.76 acres.

The facility will also host the Boulevard Adult Soccer League — sound familiar? (Here’s a funny thought…can you imagine the look on Corporate Challenge Molly’s face the first time she walks into one of those locker rooms before an adult co-ed soccer game…)

Metazone training will remain (serving the same market as Prairie Life or Lifetime Fitness or 24-hour fitness or Planet Fitness or one of the many other fitness facilities in SoJoCo).

It’s truly a sad time for hockey in Kansas City. The hockey community will survive this. Someone will build another ice facility in South Johnson County…someday. It will be years from now. Until then, treat the people at Ice Sports, Line Creek and the Independence Events Center well. Do what you can to support each place. I know I am going to be far more appreciative of those that are committed to the business of hockey in Kansas City. And, I think we hockey players need to be a more cohesive group.

Good luck hockey players!

We may start playing at 10:30 p.m instead of 9 p.m.
We’ll keep playing.
The sport won’t grow for awhile, but, someday it will again.
We’ll keep playing.
The Mavs attendance is terrific…one of the highest in minor league hockey. Support them.
We’ll keep playing.
I’ve had wonderful experiences playing on teams where father and son were on the same team. Hockey is the fastest growing NCAA scholarship sport for women.
We’ll keep playing and, hopefully, someday on the same team as our sons OR daughters.

Hockey will grow again in Kansas City and we’ll keep playing.

Hockey is a wonderful sport whether you began playing at 6 or 26.

Things change. As they change, we’ll need to accept them, find an alternative and work collaboratively to make this an opportunity to improve.

We’re hockey players. We’re part steely resolve, willing to play at all hours of the night just so we can get “ice”, and part virus you can’t get rid of with passive aggressive actions, like disgusting lockerrooms, bad management, exorbitant prices and treating us, your customers, like we’re a pain in your neck and not worth your time. The only way to get rid of us is to take away our lifeblood — ice.

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Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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2 Responses to ANNOUNCING MIDWEST SPORTS & PERFORMANCE — and the death of Ice Midwest

  1. Brian says:

    This is sad. I played high school hockey from 2002-2005 at Pepsi Ice and it was great. During the playoffs, we would draw close to a thousand people for the games and the arena type atmosphere was fantastic. I could see the decline happening from miles away, as I skated in my senior season for Rockhurst. The ice arena managers were always going at it about something benign. The high school league was on it’s way out as year after year, more teams would drop out of the league. The problem only got bigger as I went off to college.

    But the ones I weep for are the kids. Growing up and playing hockey is my fondest memory. From 5am practices at Line Creek, to making the drive up to Bode in St. Joe for a late night game on a school night. For some kids in the southern Johnson County area, that opportunity is gone.

    Like you said, support what the Mavericks are doing. They are the key to keeping youth hockey alive in KC. While it is sad to see hockey dying in the southern part of the metro, it is just as encouraging to look over and see what is going on in eastern Jackson County.

  2. Kevin says:

    This article is crap and Hal H. Edwards can go walk off a cliff. This has affected too many families and too many lies have been thrown around, just give the kids hockey that is all they want.

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