Yo. Dude that writes the PucKChaser blog, where the hell have you been? You win a “Best of Kansas City” from The Pitch and you disappear. What gives?
Job stress and relatively uninspired. I’m involved in some other youth sports in KC and that’s keeping me busy.
ANY WAY…here is my early 2012 update.

The absolute crown jewel of 2012 will be the Ice Breaker Tourament featuring Army, Notre Dame, the University of Maine and your Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks.

Get your tickets NOW!!! I will be at every outstanding game. If you haven’t witnessed top-level Division I college hockey, you are going to absolutely LOVE it.
Your best resource for college hockey news is www.uscho.com. By the way, of the four teams coming to KC, Notre Dame is currently #3 in the country and UN-O and Maine are in the top 25!! What a great tournament this will be.
Second great thing about 2012, the people who owned Ice Midwest are no longer involved in youth hockey. Yes, it’s not an ideal situation with only three (sometimes four with the IEC bowl) available for youth hockey. But, having those people no longer involved is good for everyone in the long run. It’s amazing how well the hockey community is now treated by the existing (and thriving by the way) rinks.
Finally, The problem with an NHL franchise coming to Kansas City is two-fold.

  • 1.) There is no owner for an NHL franchise in Kansas City. Well, at least an owner who had made his interest public. There was an article on that vast bastion of inaccurate information, Bleacher Report, that said George Brett was putting together an ownership group. Please. The Brett Brothers do own minor league hockey and baseball teams and a baseball equipment company, but won’t be owning any of the major professional sports leagues’ franchises anytime soon.
  • 2.) The NHL is battling major ownership trouble with the 30 franchises they currently have. Therefore, this relates to #1. Kansas City can’t get a franchise without an owner Gary Bettman doesn’t have to worry about. It seems to me that Bettman spends a majority of his time putting out ownership fires.

Look at the Atlanta Thrashers. Sure, you can take the easy way out and blame the “ATL sports fan” for not supporting the Thrashers. If you do, you’re ignorant and have no idea about the NHL over the last decade or so. The ownership group of the Atlanta Thrashers was not only the worst ownership group in, possibly, the history of the NHL, but they may have been the worst ownership group in the history of professional sports. Say what you will about the Clippers’ Donald Sterling, but at least he can keep his franchise together even if they can’t win. The bozos that owned the Thrashers couldn’t get out of their own way. Heck, they were constantly in court against EACH OTHER.
Bettman now is trying to find a viable owner in Phoenix and keep the ownership groups in New Jersey afloat.

All the while, he’s got to worry about:
-Make sure the new ownership group in Dallas is getting ramped up smoothly.
-Find a new owner for the St. Louis Blues now that it looks like Matthew Hulsizer is out.

-The next batch of nonsense from Charles Wang whatever that may be…
On top of all this, Bettman has to worry about former Kansas Citian and UMKC law school grad Donald Fehr f’n up his league the way Fehr f’d up Major League Baseball. Fehr has already started with the ridiculous rejection of the proposed realignment, which most NHL fans and media found to be a great improvement to the league (aren’t we all proud that we can call Donald Fehr one of our own?)
Hate Bettman all you want, but imagine if your job was to keep guys like James Dolan, Jeremy Jacobs, Peter Karmanos, Mike Ilitch, Ed Snider, Philip Anschutz, Ted Leonsis and Charles Wang on the same page, all the while fighting off Donald Fehr.
You think Bettman has given Kansas City one thought. Not on your life.
All Bettman is thinking about is finding a 30th partner who is going to be on the same page as he is and someone who isn’t going to give him undue headaches. Which is why he was thrilled to get David Thomson and Mark Chipman in Winnipeg into the fold and get rid of the nutjobs in Atlanta.
Because he moved Winnipeg in this fashion, I’m fairly sure his next partner is going to be Pierre-Karl Paladeau in Quebec. Paladeau will have Bettman’s back AND he owns a media company. Bettman kills three birds with one stone — gets the Coyotes franchise off his books, gets a solid owner with piles of loonies and he gets a media partner in Quebecor. Beautifully serendipitous.

I could see a scenario where the Phoenix Coyotes move to Hamilton, Ontario for two years while the new arena in Quebec is being finished. The new Quebec franchise plays in Copps Coliseum, sells out every game for two years, then moves on to Quebec.
It would be far better than what happened in Carolina where the Hurricanes played in front “know every other fans first name”-night size crowds in Greensboro before moving to Raleigh.

See why I’m relatively uninspired?

We have a great college hockey tournament coming in October. But, for the next 10 months, there won’t be much else.


Follow The Lost City of Bettman, he updates his blog way more often than I do and is far more creative.

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  1. Alan Boutchy says:

    Forget about KC guys,

    Owners doesn’t want another American fiasco, why then bother taking another huge and blind chance by putting the team in a market where you just don’t know if it will be successful. No potential owner’s been openly bragging about it anyway, a *MAJOR* reason why KC is not even on the list, don’t you think ?

    For many reasons, Quebec is playing it Winnipeg’s way right now, and its likely sealed. So, any other destination at this moment is a bit of a DREAM. Another Canadian team will help big time with those crazy fans that will fight to get the last available ticket.

    If its not sealed yet, it’ll be official within the owners…a quick voting on it by the All-Star game week-end will do the do.

  2. blogger says:

    Your point? You basically reinforce everything that I say here. No potential owner has EVER bragged about it. AEG did, but they aren’t a potential owner since they already own the Kings.

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