Kansas City gets 11/2 additional ice rinks — Winter only

I’m a but slow to write about this one. I encourage you to visit the Lost City of Bettman blog since he wrote about it first.

Basically, the people that now operate Johnson County’s only ice facility are f’n geniuses! Seriously (by the way, remember when the Kansas City Business Journal published a quote that the former Ice Midwest was the only privately-owned ice facility in Kansas City. That one still cracks me up.)

The folks who own KC Ice Center are adding a second sheet — a partially outdoor sheet. Why is this brilliant? You see the ice making equipment (“chiller”) at KCIC can support two sheets. It would be crazy expensive to build an entire second building to house another indoor sheet. What is the next best solution?

Take the slab of concrete that has been a roller hockey rink and a mini-gold course and make it — what for it — A HOCKEY RINK. I absolutely love this idea. Other adult hockey players and hockey parents I know LOVE this idea. This is the kind of innovative thinking we need in not only our hockey community, but our youth sports community in general.









You see this is why it may have been a blessing in disguise to rid the KC hockey community of the toxic personalities who once operated that one rink in SoJoCo.

Where I grew up, and learned to play hockey, our community rink was only enclosed on three sides. The South end, where the Zamboni came in and out, only had a tarp to keep wind and snow out. Yes, at times, it was brutally cold in the rink. Yes, our town’s Summer team needed to travel to a neighboring community to find ice time. You know, it was fine. In the Winter, we had a great sheet of ice for the house leagues and skating clinics. In the Summer, the rink was used for tennis and box lacrosse.

I’ve skated at KCIC every year that it has been open and sincerely hope the new outdoor sheet is a success.  Personally, I’m looking forward to playing a little outdoor shinny this Winter.

Great job KCIC!

Another rink is being added to the Burlington Creek shopping district in the Northland. This rink will be 75′ X 90′, which is smaller than a standard rink (which is 80′ X 185′-200′).


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