Kansas City — City of Leverage

Seattle has some job creator that is going to build them an arena. Currently, the arena has no anchor tenant.

Edmonton has hockey team, but their job creator (do they use that term in Canada or is it uniquely American) can’t come to an agreement with the city of Edmonton to build an arena.

What happens when you have that combination? BOOM — the owner of the hockey team immediately takes a quick vacation to the city with no hockey team. Remember when Mario Lemieux took a quick site-seeing trip to KC to “have a nice dinner”. That was nice of him to support our local tourism bureau. Darryl Katz, you are welcome to come visit Kansas City. I encourage you to go to Oklahoma Joe’s (the one in the gas station). See the Negro League Baseball Museum. Then, perhaps visit Garrozzo’s or La Bodega for dinner. Wrap it up by knocking back a few beers in Waldo. What’s that you say? Shouldn’t you visit a restaurant close to the Sprint Center? Um, that would be no. You can visit one of those National chains in [insert city name here]. I’m giving you a REAL taste of Kansas City. Don’t worry, no one will recognize you.

You know what is kind of cool — PuckDaddy stole one of my lines (ok, well, not really, but it was close enough for me).

Oh, and then there’s the notion that the Oilers will never, ever, ever and never move to Seattle. That Seattle is, like Kansas City before it, a City of Leverage.

Here is what I wrote all those years ago.

 Since the advent of stadium naming rights, some clever, grassroots nicknames have arrived for stadiums and arenas.

The Can — Pepsi Arena in Denver
Fort Knox — HSBC Arena in Buffalo
The Phone Booth — Verizon Center in DC
The Rock — Prudential Center in Newark

It’s time we official dub the Sprint Center — The Leverage Center or The Chip (other suggestions are welcome).

The Edmonton Oilers need a new arena and MAY be looking for a new home and so….oh, never mind.

By the way, a while back a couple of sports yakkers made predictions that the New Orleans Hornets would relocate to KC because they were up for sale.  How is that 35% or 60% probability that the New Orleans Hornets would move to Kansas City working out? Didn’t they hang up on someone that said the chances were more like less than 5%?

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  1. mckd says:

    Our family calls The Sprint Center, “The Hockey Puck”. Maybe we could build up hockey support from that angle. Ha!

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