AHL — moving to Des Moines

The former Houston Aeros are no longer and the Minnesota Wild are going to move their AHL franchise to Des Moines.

Good for Des Moines. The former ice pigs (or whatever the hell they were called) really suffered from bad ownership. Now, I believe, the Wild will own the franchise and place it in Wells Fargo Arena.

Now that the Mavericks are here, I’m really off my kick to try to get Kansas City back into top level minor league hockey. I like the Mavericks games. Sure, the quality of play isn’t nearly as good as the AHL and the players aren’t going to ever appear in an NHL game, but I really like the way the team is run and genuinely enjoy the games.

Plus, I think in order to get in the CHL, the Mavs had to contractually-bind themselves to the Central Hockey League for at least 10 years. All speculation of a different league for the Independence Events Center is moot.

By the way, for you naysaying, know-nothings that say the IEC isn’t big enough for the AHL, you can either be better informed or shut the hell up. The Cedar Park Center, home of the Texas Stars, is EXACTLY the same as the IEC. It’s the exact same building in a different city. Heck, the Mavs attendance is only 150 or so fans less than the AHL average..and most of those teams, like Milwaukee and Chicago, play in much bigger arenas.

Good for Des Moines — Omaha for UN-O and USHL, Des Moines for AHL, St. Louis for NHL and Topeka for NAHL — if you can’t find enough hockey within driving distance of KC, then you aren’t looking very hard.

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