Let’s compare KC Mayor Sly James to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

From KOMO-TV in Seattle, Mike McGinn says,

“The good news is the NHL views Seattle as a good NHL market – and that’s great news – but as to whether we end up with the team in the near future, a lot of things would have to break against Glendale, and all expectations are that they’re working their way toward a deal,” McGinn said.”

Sly James told the KC Star,

“But if it’s going to be something that is more risk than we possibly want to take on, let’s not do that. ”


“Let me ask you this,” (Sly) James said. “Which would you rather have, the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Phoenix Coyotes? Who do you think would make more money for the city in the long run?”

McGinn doesn’t seem to be concerned about risk. Heck, McGinn doesn’t even have an arena that is losing money. Oh, wait, Sprint Center isn’t losing money, but the attached P&L district is slowly bleeding the city dry.

Yes, McGinn admits that the chances of the Coyotes are slim. He’s just setting low expectations. We’ll know in about 36 hours, but the chances the Coyotes move are no longer slim. I’d say they are closer to 50/50 and that’s not “slim”. At least McGinn says who he has talked to rather than using “They”.

So, let’s recap.
McGinn patiently pursuing a team to play in an arena not even configured for hockey. Ever seen Key Arena for hockey? It’s as bad as America West Arena was for the first few years of the Coyotes.

James not pursuing a team for an arena that was built on a hotel/rental car tax that used “we promise to bring a NHL/NBA team to the arena” as a campaign platform. Nice.

You know, former Kansas City Chiefs football coach John Makovic loved to respond to reporters’ questions by saying “Who’s ‘they’?” when asked questions like, “They say your team is struggling because of quarterback play”. I’d love to have Makovic around next time Sly says “They said, it’s not a great deal for you, like you might hope.”

Please remember, I like Sly James. I think he’s doing a good job as Kansas City’s Mayor. But, he’s whiffing on this opportunity like Bob Hamelin after he won the Rookie of the Year.

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One Response to Let’s compare KC Mayor Sly James to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    Mayor James. Have you lost your mind? The Sprint Center was built to attract either an NBA or NHL team. For some reason, the owners of the Sonics moved to OKC, instead of KC, maybe because of your comments! Did you have a brain cramp, man? You need one of these leagues to have a positive impression of your city if you want to attract an existing team or an expansion team to KC. The last thing you want to do is turn them away, since it looks like KC is the Rodney Dangerfield of major US cities that want to attract the NBA or the NHL. Well, you can forget about the NBA because they went to OKC, which is not far from KC, so you might well forget about the NBA ever coming there. However, the NHL is still available, and the building has soldout in pre-season games. I, personally believe, being from Canada, that KC deserves a second chance as they are NOT the city that had hockey 40 years ago, yet I still read and see that my ears are ringing that KC is not an NHL calibre city! WAKE UP, Kansas City! You been saying that for 40 years, and you’re really beginning to believe it! When you had the Scouts, where did they move to? Denver, as the Colorado Rockies! And they didn’t last long there, so they ended up moving to New Jersey! But, wait! What happened in 1995? Denver got an NHL team, and the league moved from Quebec City and they’re getting a lot of fan support! There’s no sign of them leaving Denver, as the fans have found out that they wanted the NHL all along. And guess what? Quebec City is building a new arena, and it does look favorable that they will have a NHL team back! So, I think KC is better than Atlanta, who recently lost their second NHL team, and a lot of cities that currently have NHL teams! Mayor Sly should take another look as the league is seriously looking at putting a team in Las Vegas! That’s right! Vegas! And I think that will be a big mistake if they set up shop there, as there is a reason why major leagues have not set up teams there! The NHL will realize that LV is a bad place to go, and that KC is a good place to go! Mayor should play nice and court the NHL come to KC and setup shop there as a Kansas City NHL team would look great in the Central Division, as they need one more team there. All in the same time zone, except Colorado, but KC’s hockey team can develop rivalries with Chicago, St.Louis, Dallas, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Nashville, and Denver. All cities within travelling distance of Kansas City! Go get the NHL, Mayor James! You have a chance here to sell KC!

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