Yael Abouhalkah doesn’t read blogs before he tweets about them

I’d like to point out a Twitter post from the Kansas City Star’s Yael Abouhalkah.

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I point this out to show how incredibly poorly the Star covers the subject of Kansas City ever getting an anchor tenant at Sprint Center. Look, I understand it’s only 140 characters, but could the guy actually READ what I write.

I “despise” Mayor James for speaking the truth? Gee, let’s go back and read what I wrote.

On June 30, I wrote I think, overall, a majority of people in Kansas City would say that Mr. James has done a fine job as Kansas City’s Mayor. I agree.
On July 1, I wrote: Please remember, I like Sly James.

I have no idea how anyone can come to the conclusion that I, or any other hockey fan, despise Mayor James. I SAID I THOUGHT HE WAS DOING A GOOD JOB, for cryin’ out loud. I think he made some silly statements, but I don’t think he’s doing a bad job and I certainly don’t despise him.

And, how in the world would anyone read my series of blog posts and get the impression I think that Kansas City “NEEDS” a hockey team. We NEEDED a hockey team after the IHL folded. Then, the Mavericks came to town. The Mavericks have filled a niche pretty well, haven’t they? Oh, here, let me help since Yael doesn’t actually research any facts before he writes about sports.

We needed a team.
The team is a success, which proves the market was there and we NEEDED a team.
Never have I wrote that Kansas City NEEDS an NHL team.
I said I thought we could support an NHL or NBA franchise just as well as some other medium market cities. I’ve said that I think the Power & Light District needs the extra 41 dates so it doesn’t continue to be a drain on the city’s finances. But, I never said that Kansas City needs an NBA or NHL franchise.

You see, this is just a microcosm of the awful job the Kansas City Star has done covering this ongoing story. They slobbered all over Tim Leiweke’s bravado and unrealistic statements (Toronto didn’t). They wrote silly stories about Boots Del Biaggio, a criminal, someday owning a hockey team in Kansas City. I once wrote that the Star could prove that a hockey team wasn’t coming to Kansas City by just throwing some junior reporter at the subject and researching all 30 NHL teams’ leases. If they had just done that one thing, they could have proven that, at the time, at least 83.3% of the franchises had ironclad leases, which didn’t allow them to relocate any time soon. My guess is, that number is now closer to 96.7%, if not 100%.

You know what, Yael. Don’t mention me on Twitter anymore, OK? I’m just a guy with a keyboard on a broken down laptop. I get tens of visitors to this site without you.

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Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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2 Responses to Yael Abouhalkah doesn’t read blogs before he tweets about them

  1. Haha I didn’t even see that tweet until now. Looks like you have an admirer…

    I’m not sure, either, how he can say James is necessarily “speaking truth,” when all he is saying is that the Coyotes are a bad business deal and Kansas City does not want them. Of course, as you mentioned, we’re talking about the KC Star here…

  2. KCHockeyGuy says:

    Good blog post, Puckchaser. As soon as I read that article by Yael, my blood pressure skyrocketed, And I’m not joking. It is just unbelievable, the incompetence of the Kansas City Star staff. I don’t care if it was an opinion piece, the guy obviously did not research the reasons why the Scouts, or the Kings for that matter, failed.

    If the NHL has a round of expansion here in a few years, and bypasses us, because of no owner, I’m getting the hell out of this city. Screw the Kansas City government for their lies, screw AEG, and screw the Kansas City Star (especially you, Yael).

    Anyways, just wanted to say thanks to you, PucKChaser. I really appreciate this blog.

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