Eve of another NHL season with no hockey at Sprint Center

The 2013-2014 NHL season opens tomorrow night. The season is also known as the seventh season AEG has not fulfilled their promise to bring an NHL or NBA franchise to Sprint Center. Season 7 ASC.

At what point is Sprint Center too old to attract an NHL or NBA franchise. Seriously. What is the life expectancy of an arena. Kemper was good for, what, 20 years before the hump was added to keep it viable — a hump the city was still paying for AFTER Sprint Center was built. Then, this year (well, honestly, three years ago) Kemper was mothballed. I’ll be generous and say Kemper was viable for 35 years. How does that compare?

Reunion Arena, Dallas — 28 years
McNichol Arena, Denver — 24 years
Met Center, Bloomington, MN — 27 years
Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH — 20 years
Oracle Arena in Oakland is still going 47 years later, but the Warriors are moving across the Bay, so that arena will no longer have an NBA franchise.
St. Louis Arena/Checkerdome — 65 years — well, does it really count?

You look at this list and you think that Sprint Center may have reached 20% of it’s life without an anchor tenant. Remember one very important point — NHL teams DO NOT move unless it is within two years of the sale of the franchise. Only Norm Green moved a team that he currently owned and had not sold. So, would a new NHL owner, who just purchased a franchise, really move it to an arena that has less than 80% of it’s life expectancy remaining?

Oh, by the way, the second arena for the Greater Toronto Area seems to be a go now that Markham, ONT doesn’t have to actually borrow any money to finance the arena.

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  1. They don’t build them (and renovate them) like Oracle anymore…

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