NHL preseason hockey returns to Kansas City — Dallas Stars v. St. Louis Blues September 27

Remember how a few years ago the Rangers and Avs were scheduled for a preseason game at Sprint Center. Those that schedule and promote hockey games in Kansas City finally got it right. A marquee franchise against a team in our (sort of) region. No more King-Predators or Kings-Islanders. Then, the NHL lockout happened and we lost the chance to see that game.

Now, those that schedule and promote these games got it right, again! Preseason games in Kansas City have to involve either the St. Louis Blues or the Chicago Blackhawks. They are the two franchises with the most fans in our fair city. As a matter of fact, I’d bet that if KC were home to either the Blues or the Blackhawks AAA minor league team, that Kansas City would rank in the top 10 of minor league hockey attendance (San Antonio is #10 at 6,000, KC is currently #17 at 5,300).

On September 27, the Stars and Blues will play a preseason game at Sprint Center and it’s not a stretch to think this game will draw 15,000 fans. Because of our geography, the Stars are probably one of the top five (or so) teams that local fans follow.

Buy tickets.
Go to the Blue Line hockey bar.
Have fun.

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