PucKChaser blog joins Twitter

You’re so two thousand and eight, I’m so two-thousand and late.

I decided I needed a Twitter machine. Since there really is no longer a controversy (emphasis on the 2nd syllable like the English say it) over whether Kansas City will have an NHL team, I decided most of my content could be covered in 140 characters or less. Plus, I can take a run at Flubber as having the snarkiest hockey comments from Kansas City.
Follow me @PucksinKC.

I’ll be tweeting “In Case You Missed It” tweets about my former blog posts — the cool kids call that ICYMI and making various hockey comments since I’m the only guy in Kansas City who actually buys NHL GameCenter Live (which, I love by the way — all games in HD as opposed to CenterIce on Time Warner, which only had a few games in HD).

Follow the Lost City of Bettman by following Flubber @FlubberMcGee. You can also follow his new blogger @Nutbush_LCOB.

About blogger

Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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One Response to PucKChaser blog joins Twitter

  1. Nutbush says:

    Glad you finally got a Twitter – I’m not ashamed to say that I spent some time trying to find your non-existent account and then being upset to hear from Flubber that you don’t have one. Welcome to the Internet!

    As a new blogger, I will try to do my best to not bring your blog down in the maelstrom that is my presence. It will inevitably destroy LCOB, but we’ll try to contain it as best as we can.

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