Future of Kemper takes a strange twist

In today’s Kansas City Star, there is an interesting article about the strange twist the future of Kemper Arena has taken. The all powerful American Royal leaders planned to demolish the building and erect a new, smaller arena on the site. The Foutch Brothers said, “Hey, wait a second! We could make Kemper a youth sports center, cost the city a lot less money and bring more people in from out of town.” An idea floated on this blog a long, long time ago.
On March 27, 2012 in my post What of Kemper Arena?

So now, the all powerful American Royal has teamed up with one of the most progressive groups in Kansas City — Sporting Club. The American Royal would work with Sporting Club to host youth sports at Kemper.

“We will be filling it year-round with these other types of activities, whether it’s youth sports or outdoor festivals,” Mariner Kemper said.

That’s what I f’n said in 2012!

It’s great that the Royal and the barbeque draw so many people to Kansas City. But, why is everyone associated with Kemper Arena satisfied with just one big event per year? What would draw more traffic?

Youth sports!

Here’s the thing.
The Foutch’s had plans to keep the building, but not to restore the ice making mechanics to host ice events.
The American Royal would demolish the building and I’m fairly sure they’re not going to put ice-making equipment back into the new facility.


It’s frustrating.
No one in Kansas City is promoting the growth of ice sports in Kansas City. Instead, we have people tilting at windmills trying to bring an NHL team to Kansas City, which we all know, at this point, is never going to happen.

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