Kansas City hosts NHL preseason game – one day after Quebec and Brooklyn

Fact: An NHL Preseason game in Quebec City drew a capacity crowd of 15,074 at the aged Pepsi Colisee.
Fact: The NY Islanders drew 11,823 in their soon-to-be-home the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

What does this attendance tell us about either market as a viable NHL market?

Are the Islanders not going to move to Brooklyn because 4,000 less than capacity showed up at a preseason game? Of course not. If they were to leave the Island or the NYC metro area, they would be forfeiting the SECOND HIGHEST PAYING LOCAL CABLE TV DEAL IN THE NHL.
Does the sellout crowd make Quebec City viable? No. What makes Quebec a viable NHL market is going two-for-two on prerequisites. A soon-to-be-complete NHL-ready arena and NHL owner at the ready – Quebecor.

No matter the attendance in Kansas City tonight, Kansas City does NOT have owner for an NHL franchise.

Avoid the silliness of NHL in Kansas City discussions. Just enjoy the game.

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Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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2 Responses to Kansas City hosts NHL preseason game – one day after Quebec and Brooklyn

  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    The Islanders won’t move because they have an owner(s), and a sweetheart TV deal! No owner would walk away from that! Quebec City has an owner-in-waiting ready to embrace the NHL when Quebec City gets a franchise granted to them! Seattle is a slam-dunk for the same reasons, as its no secret that the NHL wants to put a team there! Long time coming for that city! Kansas City could have the same thing if they wanted. So why is no one coming forward from there? What happened to the NHL21 group? Where are they? It’s great to see that KC is selling out their pre-season games, but if you want the NHL to take you seriously, there must be an ownership group of some kind there! It’s not to late though, you might still get a team in case the NHL does not go to Las Vegas as they had announced that they would. But LV is not a slam-dunk yet! KC may still be part of the NHL’s Plan B, if their Plan A of going to LV fails. So there may be hope for KC yet.

  2. blogger says:

    The Islanders are moving — from Uniondale to Brooklyn. The rumors that the Islanders would move to Kansas City were some of the dumbest rumors ever floated. Why is no one stepping forward? Because it’s a shit ton of money for an NHL team. No one in Kansas City has that kind of money.
    The preseason game didn’t sell out. The upper ends were curtained off.

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