Kansas City — Center of Sports World — for a week

I don’t like it when some outsider says, “Kansas City can’t support an NHL team”. You see, I don’t think that’s true.

Here is a 10-day snapshot of sports in Kansas City. Remember, we have about 1.8 – 2.1 million people — about half the size of St. Louis and less than about 1/3 the size of Dallas/Fort Worth. Each one of our major sports venues was used and, nearly, full.

Friday, September 26 — MLS Soccer — sellout crowd of 19,500. Oh, and by the way, the team is the defending champions.
Saturday, September 27 – NHL preseason hockey game, nearly full capacity of 13,000 (upper end seats were curtained)
Monday, September 29 — NFL Monday Night football – sellout crowd 78,000+. Set an, admittedly arbitrary, record for loudest crowd noise.
Tuesday, September 30 – MLB AL Wildcard game — sellout crowd of 45,000+.
Saturday/Sunday — October 4 & 5 — NASCAR Weekend — Sunday will be a 80,000+ sellout
Sunday, October 5 — AL Division Series Game 3

I mention all this without mentioning that during this period of time, all three NCAA FBS football teams played home games within a 21/2 hour drive. Even Nebraska, just 210 miles from Kansas City, had a home game during this time.

You see this is what bugs me about criticism of Kansas City. We’ll support an NHL team if one ever comes here.

But, if one never comes here, Kansas City is an outstanding sports market. What other markets have NFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR (our second race) and NCAA Division 1 sports, in the same market, IN THE SAME WEEK. Less than 10. And, those places are much, much larger than Kansas City.

I think if an NHL team came to Kansas City, it would have to be a winner. But, how does that make Kansas City different than any other medium-sized NHL market? The Blues certainly didn’t have good attendance during the Mike Kitchen era.

Regardless of whether the NHL (or NBA) comes here, Kansas City is a great sports market.

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Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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5 Responses to Kansas City — Center of Sports World — for a week

  1. Brandon says:

    We could and would support a team.. I mean look at the wizards, their attendance was so low they moved to a high school stadium. Now look at them, 53 straight sell outs. in just a matter of a few years. Forget the scouts talk, that was in ’74. Even the past 5 years sports has grown tremendeously here in Kansas City. They would draw crowds from lawrence, columbia, springfield, and kansas city. Even IF the mavericks didn’t work out, or if the blades didn’t work out, even though that was a league collapse. That wouldn’t mean anything. Thats not the NHL. I don’t even attend MU football games, because it is not the PROS.

  2. Wayne Anderson says:

    Kansas City should have an NHL team! The NHL needs a team in the Central Division and KC belongs there! Developing rivalries immediately with St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Minnesota, Nashville, Denver, and Winnipeg would fit in right away that it would be salivating to the KC NHL fan. I believe that KC, not Las Vegas should have an NHL franchise! Period!

  3. blogger says:

    Should have an NHL franchise? I don’t know what should means.

    Can support an NHL franchise? Yes. As we have seen with the Royals, winning is the best marketing. If the team wins, they’ll be supported just fine.

    Will an NHL franchise come to Kansas City? No.

    We’re an ECHL city now and, considering for the history of minor league hockey in Kansas City we’ve been affiliated with fly-by-night leagues, that’s pretty good. AHL someday? Maybe. But, for now, ECHL is something with which we can be very satisfied.

  4. RaymondMcCo says:

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  5. Wayne Anderson says:

    Disagree with you blogger. Why would you doubtake the ability of KC to support anot NHL franchise? Someone has to believe KC should have a franchise. This is not 1974. Times are different now, and when look at the optics now, there is no reason why the NHL shouldn’t place a 32nd team there. But what is happening there is great, and the game is growing locally though the grassroots. But you are selling yourself short if you don’t think the NHL is not looking to add a city like KC. There are going to be 31 teams, now that Las Vegas has been added to the league. Look where some teams are blogger, they are in cities that have no business having hockey teams. And you don’t believe KC should have or need an NHL team? Be an optimist for a change! KC as I wrote earlier does fit in and would be a great addition to the NHL! You should read my letter again.KC will get a serious look because the NHL will want to put a team in the Central division. Count on IT! Tell me blogger, what other cities are left to expand In? Besides, KC, there is also Houston, but no ownership there has shown interest yet. Seattle would have been first if they built an arena, but their city council voted against the proposal, so the league went to Vegas.And Quebec just didn’t fit in right now, although it will be a great place. Anyway, if you’re true hockey fan, you wouldn’t be throwing cold water on my words. Do your research blogger, look at what cities are left in the Central and you tell me that the league would not want the Sprint Center part of the league.KC will be brought up more seriously after Vegas is added. Just the only thing that socks is the entry fee to have a team in the NHLord, 500 million dollars is nuts, I think.

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