NHL Board of Governors meeting – Expansion talk

The NHL Board of Governors meets this week in Boca Raton. There has been a lot of talk about the NHL expanding by two teams.

And, why not? League revenues are up. New TV contracts are inked and funnel a lot of greenbacks (and loonies) the NHL’s way. Of course, not as many loonies as the Canadian dollar is down to about $.88 American.

Anyway…all this talk and is Kansas City mentioned? Nope.

Why? Same reason as last year, and two years ago and, heck, before the first pane of glass was squeegeed at Sprint Center. THERE IS NO OWNER FOR AN NHL TEAM IN KANSAS CITY.

Though, I find it interesting the Board of Governors is meeting in Boca. If the BOG, their lackeys, PR flaks and the media that is covering the BOG meetings all decided to go to a Panthers game, would it double the Panthers attendance?

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  1. John says:

    There seems to be a lot a talk about Las Vegas getting a expansion team.

    I thought back to one of the comments you made after your blog post in September regarding exhibition game in KC. It was in the comments area.

    You said, “How many of these ‘more are out there’ are interested in playing in an arena they neither own nor operate?”

    What you said makes sense, but here is what I wonder.
    Is the potential revenue percentage and lease terms of a LV ownership group, offered by MGM-AEG going to be significantly better than what a theoretical KC ownership group would be offered by KC-AEG?

    I seriously doubt KC will get a team, but LV is considered a front-runner — LV has willing owners, but is MGM-AEG going to offer agreeable terms.

    Regarding the Panthers, they’re in the wrong county. Arena should have been in Palm Beach county instead of Broward. The former has plenty of Canadians, Finns, etc.

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