More on the KC Star’s weak editorial that “No pro sports no big deal for the Sprint Center”

Hey, Sprint Center had the Black Keys tonight! Good thing we don’t have an NHL team to squat on that date. Nashville, Tampa, Sunrise, FL, St. Louis, Raleigh, Dallas, Denver, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg were able to squeeze the Black Keys in during the NHL season.  Hmm. Those arenas don’t seem to be “weighed down” by an NHL team.

So when one of my less than a dozen Twitter followers asked Yael Abouhalkah if my response to their editorial was “worth investing”, Abouhalkah in a tweet says:


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I’m guessing he means not encouraging me. Well, gee, Yael, I don’t need your encouragement. I think I’ve proved to have some pretty accurate blog posts. Remember when I was the first one to report that Pepsi Ice Midwest wouldn’t return as an ice rink while the Star, the KCBJ and channel 5 were eating up lies the owners were feeding them? I’ve earned a small spot as a credible voice.

I made him look silly a few years ago. Yael Abouhalkah doesn’t read blogs before he tweets about them.

Now, he looks silly again. You see Yael tweeted this:ScreenHunter_48 Dec. 21 21.30


I don’t need to compare the bottom line of the arenas because, well, it supports my point. Bridgestone Arena was my basis of the argument that an arena CAN have an NHL (or NBA) team and plenty of first run concerts, which refutes the Star’s claim that Sprint Center is aided by not having an NHL (or NBA) team.

The bottom line of Bridgestone Arena in Nashville is this:
It doesn’t make money. The City subsidizes it.

Does that support the KCStar’s premise that the Sprint Center works just fine without an anchor tenant?

No, actually it shows how incredibly lazy the Star is by saying that.

You see, the city of Nashville is fine with subsidizing the arena. You know why? The more than 400,000 fans going to games provide foot traffic on Lower Broadway. Those fans spend money in the bars, restaurants and retail stores and generate tax revenue the city wouldn’t have otherwise — tax revenue Kansas City doesn’t have. More events = more sales tax. Nashville proves you can have great concerts AND an NHL team (or NBA).

Sprint Center may give the city a check for $927,000 because the arena doesn’t have an anchor tenant. However, the city is missing out on millions and millions of dollars in sales tax revenue in and around the P&L District by not having the 40+ events an NHL or NBA team would provide.

Think I’m just talking out my ass? Nope. I got it from The Tennessean, who seems to understand the the nuances of a downtown arena much better than the Star does. The arena itself may not make money, but it is a catalyst for huge sales tax revenue.

Let me address the other part of his tweet.

The Star said,

But that effort has gone nowhere, partly because relatively few teams have moved in the last decade.”

Read more here:

A more accurate statement would have been “Few teams have moved in 40 years” Only 8 NHL and 7 NBA teams have moved since 2014. I’m no math wizard, but that seems like “few”.

C’mon, just admit it. It was a poorly written editorial piece with very little research and a flimsy claim. KC Star editorial board, you can just say “we’ll do better next time.”



And, I’m a little offended by the whole “not encouraging” thing. The Kansas City Star has been encouraging Clay Chastain since way before I joined the KC media in 1994. I know I’m more sane that Clay. Perhaps not by much, but I am. They give that nutjob lots of column inches and encouragement.

(can you tell I’m on vacation…? lotsa downtime…)

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Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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2 Responses to More on the KC Star’s weak editorial that “No pro sports no big deal for the Sprint Center”

  1. Jacob Edwards says:


    I have lived in KC my whole life and just 3 years ago moved to St. Joe for school, I’ll move back to KC when I graduate. Anyhow love your blog, as I love hockey. Is there anything us Hockey loving Kansas Citians can do to show interest? I go to the Blue Line all the time, I go to at least 10 Mavs games a year, more when I was in school in STJ. I even went to the Stars and Blues in Sprint Center, even though I don’t like either team. Besides a protest out front of Sprint what can be done?

  2. blogger says:

    Best thing to do is go to Mavs games. Support the hockey we do have. We’re doing pretty well in that regard. The Mavs are 20th in all of minor league hockey in attendance for the 2014-2015 season. We can do better.

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