Mavs Owner Lamar Hunt Jr. says “more ice”, but where?

The fact that Lamar Hunt Jr. specified that he thinks the Greater Kansas City area needs more ice facilities is a great thing for the Kansas City hockey community. He says he has a “vision” and his vision will be revealed in time.

Well, where do you think a future ice facility should be? Here’s a map. The three facilities with four (five in Winter) hockey sheets are pins on the map. I’ve pinned a few potential places that seem to fit.
Ice Rink growth

  • Repurpose Merriam K-Mart, plenty of parking, Menards seems to be backing out.
  • Wouldn’t an ice rink in Mission be better than a Wal-Mart?
  • The Kroenke/Lane 4 development at 91st – 93rd and Meltcalf seems to be the location with the a lot potential as Kroenke/Lane 4 are still developing their plan. Given the changing landscape of retail (more and more buying online) is a development centered around big box retail and some mix-use residential really sustainable in the future? Seems like a facility which would draw people to the development for something other than retail would be a good thing.
  • I’ve also highlighted the areas that one would think have strong demographics for youth hockey and are currently under served. My highlights are not a social commentary and I’ve probably left some areas out. They’re just my quick thoughts…please don’t read too much into it.

    I’m looking forward to Hunt’s next announcement. Exciting times for hockey in KC!

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