Seattle vs KC — who sees NHL’s potential

Let’s take a look at the difference between Kansas City and Seattle in the pursuit of an NHL franchise.

Seattle’s local newspaper – Bring an NHL team to town, even though we don’t have a building in which to play!

For all the focus on Hansen’s effort to bring the NBA to Seattle, the NHL is the better short-term bet. In a national popularity contest, hockey is neck-and-neck with men’s professional basketball, and the share of devoted fans has climbed consistently for decades, according to a Harris Poll report. In the last full NHL season, 15 teams had sellout crowds, compared to eight NBA teams.

Kansas City’s local newspaper – we really don’t need an NHL team because we have this building and it sort of has events in it and the arena gives the city one of those giant checks (like in Happy Gilmore), even though the entertainment district next to it drains $15M from the city because there isn’t enough foot traffic, but, hey, we leave dates open for concerts, like Pearl Jam and the Black Keys, even though those concerts seem to have not trouble scheduling dates, during the NHL season, in other arenas which do have NHL teams.

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Just a guy in KC who loves hockey. KC is a hockey town. We just don't know it, yet.
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