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Yo. Dude that writes the PucKChaser blog, where the hell have you been? You win a “Best of Kansas City” from The Pitch and you disappear. What gives? Job stress and relatively uninspired. I’m involved in some other youth sports … Continue reading

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Luc on NHL to KC “It’s not us, it’s you, Kansas City”.

Quite a bit of buzz about the NHL, Sprint Center and the chances of a team coming to Kansas City. Probably the most significant story appeared in the Kansas City Star. It’s a Q&A between NHL Hall of Famer/AEG exec … Continue reading

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NHL & NBA come to KC so AEG can continue to “pretend”

Sam Mellinger, “The Boy Who Kicked a Hornet’s Nest” writes a terrific column about the Sprint Center, the hope of an NBA or NHL franchise (there is none) and why we need to simply temper the discussion. NBA, NHL exhibitions … Continue reading

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Worst hockey season in Kansas City in 35 years ends with an inexcusable snub for Winnipeg

What is easily the worst hockey season in 35 years (Scouts moved in 1976) may come to a close as early as tomorrow when the announcement may be made that Kansas City has been passed over as the “next” NHL … Continue reading

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Thrashers fly right over KC to Manitoba

The NHL media is all abuzz about the Atlanta Thrashers leaving the Peach State for Manitoba and their new home in Winnipeg. True North, the group who owns the Manitoba Moose, has taken every step, lightly and respectfully, to become … Continue reading

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Is Winnipeg now a slam dunk and KC a non-factor?

TSN’s Darren Dreger says that it looks more and more like the Coyotes will stay in Glendale. The NHL, Matthew Hulsizer and the City of Glendale are going to find a way to keep the Coyotes in the desert. However, … Continue reading

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Latest NHL ownership fire — Atlanta

Get it? Atlanta. Fire. Ok, admittedly weak attempt. Atlanta Thrashers on the clock – Is Kansas City still even on the list? As noted earlier, the Toronto Globe & Mail doesn’t think so. Let me do a reset, since I’ve … Continue reading

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Kansas City “off the list” of possible NHL relocation cities

Remember when I used to write about whether Kansas City would attract an NHL franchise for Sprint Center instead of business owners sabotaging their business so they could start a new one or youth sports parents behaving badly and putting … Continue reading

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Hornets to KC? Quebec City wants a hockey team more than KC wants NBA

Would you ride a bus to New Orleans to show how much you want an NBA franchise in KC? Maybe you would, but would 23 busloads make the trip? Doubtful. This week, there has been a great deal of talk … Continue reading

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Thrashers say move is not imminent

Atlanta Spirit, the group that owns the Atlanta Thrashers, say the franchise is not relocating. Atlanta was mentioned as an NHL franchise that may relocate to Kansas City. Of course, they were mentioned with no substantiation whatsoever. Someone just threw … Continue reading

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