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Kansas City mentioned as possible NHL expansion destination…again

Gary Bettman is at it again. Now, with a CBA that lasts seven more seasons and a new Canadian TV deal that is bringing a record amount of television revenue to the NHL, Bettman is back to using one market … Continue reading

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Metro Toronto enters the “Arena with no tenant” clique

The Greater Toronto metro area (GTA), also known as the Golden Horseshoe, has entered the exclusive clique of cities with NHL/NBA-ready arenas and no anchor tenant. Kansas City Quebec City Greater Toronto Seattle That’s quite a list. If those four … Continue reading

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Seattle arena going up — city’s chances of gaining an NHL team, not so much

Seattle is going to build a new arena without an anchor tenant. Good idea? Sure it is. It’s worked well for us, so far. The fact that we don’t have an NHL or NBA team is just a minor annoyance, … Continue reading

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Would you rather? Perhaps KC is better off without…

Ok, so let’s play that game that teenagers love to play. Would you rather? -Be us, Kansas City, with our new arena that doesn’t have a NBA or NHL anchor tenant. We needed Sprint Center. While I do not agree … Continue reading

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Could the Phoenix Coyotes go the way of the Cleveland Barons rather than move to KC?

I try to impart some wisdom into this blog. You see, when you live in Kansas City, it is very hard to find anyone who knows anything about the history of the NHL. Hell, even our own sports blatherers say … Continue reading

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Yo. Dude that writes the PucKChaser blog, where the hell have you been? You win a “Best of Kansas City” from The Pitch and you disappear. What gives? Job stress and relatively uninspired. I’m involved in some other youth sports … Continue reading

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NHL game at KC’s Sprint Center is just 10 days away — have fun, keep expectations low

The NHL game at Sprint Center is less than two weeks away. Over this two week period, you are going to hear about how up to six NHL teams are either for sale or having financial trouble. This statement is … Continue reading

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Worst hockey season in Kansas City in 35 years ends with an inexcusable snub for Winnipeg

What is easily the worst hockey season in 35 years (Scouts moved in 1976) may come to a close as early as tomorrow when the announcement may be made that Kansas City has been passed over as the “next” NHL … Continue reading

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Kansas City “off the list” of possible NHL relocation cities

Remember when I used to write about whether Kansas City would attract an NHL franchise for Sprint Center instead of business owners sabotaging their business so they could start a new one or youth sports parents behaving badly and putting … Continue reading

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Dream of seventh Canadian franchise not dead, is dream in Kansas City?

Here is a fascinating article from CBC’s Scott Morrison. Dream of a new Canadian NHL franchise is not dead Great television package to go along with it. After 40 Minutes: Dec 10 For the uninitiated hockey fan, Scott Morrison is … Continue reading

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