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Seattle vs KC — who sees NHL’s potential

Let’s take a look at the difference between Kansas City and Seattle in the pursuit of an NHL franchise. Seattle’s local newspaper – Bring an NHL team to town, even though we don’t have a building in which to play! … Continue reading

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More on the KC Star’s weak editorial that “No pro sports no big deal for the Sprint Center”

Hey, Sprint Center had the Black Keys tonight! Good thing we don’t have an NHL team to squat on that date. Nashville, Tampa, Sunrise, FL, St. Louis, Raleigh, Dallas, Denver, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg were able to squeeze the … Continue reading

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KC Star continues to shill for AEG/Sprint Center

They did it again. The Kansas City Star continues their irresponsible reporting about Sprint Center. It’s like these editorials were written by first year journalism students. In their editorial section, the Star says the investment in Sprint Center continues to … Continue reading

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Kansas City mentioned as possible NHL expansion destination…again

Gary Bettman is at it again. Now, with a CBA that lasts seven more seasons and a new Canadian TV deal that is bringing a record amount of television revenue to the NHL, Bettman is back to using one market … Continue reading

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The rare occassion when the Kansas City & NHL topic comes up

It doesn’t happen very often anymore. Years ago, when it seemed like an NHL team in Sprint Center was a possibility, someone would bring up the NHL in Kansas City. Now that it’s a foregone conclusion that it will never … Continue reading

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Wang to sell Islanders, Kansas City was never an option

Islanders fans are rejoicing as word is that 69-year old Charles Wang is considering selling the franchise. Of course, reports are that he wants $300M for the team. That would be $100M for every playoff win since 2004. The Hockey … Continue reading

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What Kansas City not being mentioned in Toronto story about NHL expansion is really about

So, it happens every few years or so. NHL expansion talk heats up. It took a backseat last year because the NHL was struggling with labor peace. Then, when the 8-year CBA was finally ratified and divisions realigned, expansion talk … Continue reading

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NHL preseason hockey returns to Kansas City — Dallas Stars v. St. Louis Blues September 27

Remember how a few years ago the Rangers and Avs were scheduled for a preseason game at Sprint Center. Those that schedule and promote hockey games in Kansas City finally got it right. A marquee franchise against a team in … Continue reading

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Alternate Plans for Kansas City’s Kemper Arena sound like, well, what I said

So, did you see the Business Journal’s story on the proposal for Kemper Arena? Developer has plan for Kemper Arena; American Royal not interested Steve Foutch confirmed Tuesday that Foutch Brothers plans to buy the West Bottoms arena, which largely … Continue reading

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Would the NHL in Kansas City outdraw St. Louis on a Thursday night…in November?

See, this is the kind of stuff that just bugs me. Seriously? Look, he writes fairly well about college football. I love college football and value his coverage. When it comes to hockey, the NHL or the basic tenants of … Continue reading

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